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• Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

In this video I describe what a sacrifice branch is and when you would need to have one. They can be used to heal scars or increase the thickness of a trunk in a specific area. They are extremely useful to use the power of the tree in order to make improvements to your tree.

• Friday, December 12th, 2008

Well last year I attemped my first approach graft on my Trident Maple that was not budding out where I needed it to. Today I got an opportunity to inspect the graft and it looks like it was successful.

The last time I showed the tack the branch was much thinner. However over the year the branch has thinkened, and the graft has really healed.

Here is a close up after the tack was removed. Normally I would clip off the lead branch before the graft. However I think I’ll leave it on a little longer just to be sure that the graft is ready and strong enough to support the branch.

Here is the tree as it looks right after loosing its leaves for the year. I have some wiring to do, but the tree has filled in nicely.