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• Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Proper watering and feeding will give more energy to the tree increasing the leaf size and vigor of the tree. However low lighting will also cause bigger leafs. When a tree does not receive enough light it will create bigger leaves to catch more sunlight. Also it will create longer internodes. Internodes are the lengths in between leaves. If the leaves can’t catch light they form longer internodes so the branches are longer to reach further for the sunlight.
Don’t worry though, you can control leaf size. Please take into consideration fertilizing issues because they will affect the results of your efforts in leaf reductions if you don’t. However look at the base of the stem of your leaves. You will notice a new leaf bud right there. Just like a shark tooth waiting to replace a lost tooth a leaf bud is ready to pop to replace a lost leaf. If you remove the leave the new leaf will come in 1/3 smaller. Remove it again and it will replace 1/3 smaller. Don’t do it too often, or during dormant periods and you will have much smaller leaves.

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• Sunday, March 13th, 2011

This year’s winter in Florida started very early and was very cold, but it didn’t seem to last that long. My trees started popping out new growth a few weeks ago and now they are well on their way to having full canopies of leaves. However this is no time to sit back and enjoy the trees because there is a lot of work to be done. In this video I talk about controlling the growth o fyour bonsai during the initial growth of the Spring season. You need to stay on top of your trees or you’ll lose a great opportunity to make the most of the fast growing period.

• Friday, January 28th, 2011

Actually I’m making fertilizer cakes. There are a number of bonsas fertilizers, and fertilizer cakes on the market. In fact, Orlando Bonsai sells some. However you can easily make them yourself and save a lot of money. In this video I show start to finish how to make fertilizer cakes. Also I provide the ingredients afterwards so that you know how much of each ingredient to add.

Bonsai Fertilizer Cakes recipe

3 Parts Cottonseed Meal
2 Parts Garden Lime
1 Part Blood Meal
1 Part Bone Meal

For Every 5 pounds of dry ingredients

5oz Fish Emulsion
Mix with Peters or Miracle Grow (20-20-20) Ful Strength

Optional 1.5oz – 2oz Super Thrive

Bond it all together with an 8oz bottle Elmer’s Glue

Spread on cookie sheet 1″ think

Cut into 1″ X 1″ cubes

Let dry thoroughly before storing

Store in airtight container

(recipe (in part) source “Superfeeding” Author Michael Persiano, Consulting Master Chase Rosade)