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• Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Okay, so there will be times when you are dealing with a very large branch or have a need to change your trunk line. One way to approach this is to use one or multiple large wires to wrap and then bend the branch. However the use of guidewires is a great way to do the same thing with better control and a smaller size wire. In the video I show what I mean:

In this photo you can see the remnants of the initial twist that I did in order to create the loop around the branch and the root.  As you can now see it is twisted as the wire is turned so that it can be all but cut off.

Here is the complete guidewire insalled top to bottom.  Please note that you will want to add some sort of padding at the points where it touches the trees under the wire to protect the cambium.  You need to install before you start twisting the wire

• Saturday, January 08th, 2011

So today I had a chance to work on my huge Trident maple which I enjoy a great deal.  Every winter I watch as temperatures drop and leaves start to fall letting me know that it is almost time to work on this amazing tree.  Only problem I find is that this tree takes a lot of wire and the large stuff too (5mm wire).

The branches needed to be flaten out into pads to allow for more interior growth and open spaces between the branches.  This year the tree has developed well and lots of new developments.  Next year at this time it should be looking very good.  As you know by now this phot is not of the front of the tree, but instead the left side. 

The reason I took the photo from this side is to show a problem that I have with the tree itself.  I am in dire need of a low first left branch.  two years ago I had one pop out but it didn’t make it through the next year.  I am tempted to thread graft but I thought I take a look at what is goin on the trunk.

However as I looked closer

Then even closer I was amazed to see the smallest of little growth popping out through the very old trunk of the tree.  Although it is appearing a few inches away fom where I would prefer it to be, I can certainly live with this.  Let’s just hope this liitle branch makes it this year and becomes the strong primary branch of this tree that it so badly needs.

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• Sunday, July 25th, 2010

In a few weeks the NoName’ Bonsai Study Group will be having Suthin for a workshop. Fortunately it will be held at my house. It’s a good thing too, I plan to have him help me work on my very large Trident Maple. This week end I found some time to start cleaning up the yard, and to begin getting ready for the event.

As I was working in the yard I noticed what I believe could be a different front for this tree, and it would eliminate the need to grow a new first branch. Additionally from this side the scars are hidden. My only relcutance is based upn the flare of the nebari. I just don’t know if it looks as strong from this side. We’ll just have to see.

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• Wednesday, July 07th, 2010

Trident Maples grow pretty well in Central Florida, but tend to have their leave fry a bit in late July through August. So last year (as you may remember) I defoliated my maples to allow for a second growing season. This causes the tree to put a brand new flush of leaves, slightly smaller in size, but more importantly able to handle the hot sun.


So this year I again spent about an hour removing each leaf by hand. There were certainly more leaves than last year, but the tree is looking great. Lots of scars are healing over and the ramification has improved greatly. I am hoping for a new first bottom branch to develop. Last year I had one pop, but it didn’t make it this Spring.


There are some trees that I don’t sometimes remember why I added them to my collection, but with a trunk like this one, I’ll never forget it. It just needs a couple more years to develop and it’s going to be awesome.


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