• Wednesday, August 05th, 2015

Have you ever heard anyone say they have been bitten by the Bonsai bug? It’s funny how you hear a common expression and don’t think twice about it until one day you stop and wonder how it started. Of course, the idiom really means someone who is enthusiastic (or possibly even about to become obsessive) about something (like a hobby). But it makes me think of someone swatting a bug as if it’s something they must kill or stop. And I don’t want to stop creating bonsai, I want to learn more every day. Hobbies have come and gone but bonsai has continued in my life. I have wondered exactly why that is. Not all questions have been answered but I really appreciate this short film, American Shokunin, which was chosen to be displayed in National Geographic’s Short Film Series with Ryan Neil of Bonsai Mirai. It makes you really think about bonsai in a different way.

To quote Ryan Neil, “I think once you start practicing bonsai and bonsai gets inside you, you’ll never look at trees the same again.” Another quote in this video from The Artisan’s Cup, “A master is somebody who every single day tries to pursue perfection at their chosen endeavor.”

Here is a direct link to the video above: https://vimeo.com/119134995

Congratulations to all the artists that were accepted to participate in The Artisan’s Cup. Especially I want to congratulate Paul Pikel and other Florida artists: Louise Leister, Mike Lebanik, and Michael Feduccia who will be displaying their beautiful bonsai in Portland. (If I left anyone out, please forgive). The full list can be found on The Artisan’s Cup web site, as well as, a lot more information about the event. By the way, Joshua Roth is one of the sponsors of the Artisan’s Cup.

Some of you may recognize Paul’s name from his bonsai teaching videos on this web site. People often tell me they are really thankful that the videos are here. That tells me people want to learn more about bonsai. Although Paul no longer owns or runs OrlandoBonsai.com, you will always find any new videos he creates here as well as on OrlandoBonsaiTV which is his youtube site. Paul and I joined the Central Florida Bonsai Club around the same time and remain in close contact so your comments do get communicated.

So whether you have been bitten by the bonsai bug, are an avid enthusiast, a newbie, or hoping to become a master, we hope our web site is informative and helpful in your bonsai journey.

Enjoy bonsai and life.

Sandy Racinski, Orlando Bonsai

(As always, if you have a question or are looking for a particular tool, pot, tree or stand, please ask even if you don’t see it on the store. If we don’t have it, we may be able to find it for you).

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  1. The video is phenomenal!! I have watched it many times and I enjoy it every time!! And I agree with all of what he says!!